Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twin Cities Tank Origins

Pete and Brent met in 2004 when they formed a band by the name TANK!

TANK! was rumored to be the greatest band in the history of all music, spanning genres and generations, blending milky melodies that pleased the ear, tickled the heart, and created mind movies of such beauty that they would make corpses rise from their graves, only to envision the masterpieces in their lifeless brains before they became overwhelmed and cried themselves back to death.

Unfortunately TANK! broke up before their first show.

Bonding over the breakup of TANK!, Pete and Brent spent the following years drinking beer and starting other projects like Dragon Bruiser (AKA The Oklahomos) until 2005 when they started Metallagher: a combination of Metallica music and the Comedy of Gallagher.

Being in Metallagher forced Pete and Brent to start trying to be funny by writing jokes and bits. The popularity of this band grew like a horse's bladder, waiting to be emptied into a porn star's butt.

Around this same time, podcasts were beginning to appear on the internet. People listened to them religiously and obeyed the commands of all that was contained within these audio and video releases.

The world population was soon under control of the most powerful podcast in the universe: Captain Elroy's Sea Friendly Fishing Boat. Human's helplessly and dronishly fetched fish out of the ocean until the ecosphere was completely vanquished and unrecognizable, causing the earth to heat up from lack of acidic fish pee in the oceans.

When the planet was in its dying hour, two comedic heroes started a chain of events that would rescue the planet and restore society to the greatest era in human history. Those men were Pete and Brent, and the beginning of that chain was the Twin Cities Tank podcast -named from the origin of their meeting, and the fact that they both love drinking and armored vehicles. Captain Elroy no longer had a stranglehold on society as people began to rise up and listen to a new podcast with challenging ideas and glorious revelations that fulfilled the spirit and calmed the soul.

Time will only tell how much greater our society will be when they listen to Twin Cities Tank, but we are confident that this upward slope will continue until the universe explodes and we all die from our brains exploding after viewing the worm hole that sucks our nightmares out of our minds through our pores.

Please Enjoy The Show,
Mr. Tank